"The guest is a better judge of the feast than the cook." - Aristotle

Board Development

Organized discussions, assessments, and  facilitation will help the leaders within your organization to identify  areas needing improvement, refresh their thinking, and turn towards  long-term and sustained performance. 

Through facilitated discussion groups, workshops, and  360-degree organizational assessments, The Stanton Group can support  your board in the following areas:


Review performance 

  • Board 
  • CEO

Understand good governance 

  • Legal responsibilities
  • Conflict of interest
  • Basic responsibilities
  • Policies
  • Individual board member responsibilities
  • Roles and responsibilities of the board
  • Board-CEO partnership
  • Structure and operation
  • Role in fundraising

Leadership Workshops


Using proven techniques, these workshops are tailored to specifically address your organization’s goals.  They provide the structure for better understanding while encouraging  development of ideas that will guide your organization into the future.

Whether you’re ready to invest a half a day or three days of  time, we will customize our workshops to address your organization’s  specific goals and schedule. And we bring our workshops to you.

Think. Expedite™

half day to two day workshop

Do you want board members to walk away energized? Ready to think and  work differently? Before we start, we’ll help you identify specific  outcomes—as simple as developing a list of board roles and  responsibilities or as complex as understanding the boundaries of your  vision. In this workshop, each board member will learn how they can make  a difference. They’ll discover ways to think differently about the  board’s leadership role in the twenty first century, and have tools that  will help them work as a cohesive unit to forge new directions for your  organization.

Lead Different: Change or Else™

half day to three day workshop

Do you continue along with business as usual—management based on  yesterday’s paradigms—or do you make a fundamental change in the way you  lead and manage your organization? Participants will be exposed to  different ways to think and communicate about innovation and change.  They’ll have fun, learn the value of thinking out-of-the-box to better  anticipate and lead change in everyday work situations.

Other workshops we offer: 

  • Think Strategically™
  • Live by the Rules and Die by the Rules or…™
  • Wealth, Innovation & Diversity. (Copyright 2000 Joel Barker)
  • The Power of Relationships™
  • Paradigm Mastery Series. (Copyright 2000 Joel Barker)

"Discover ways to think differently about how your organization views its mission and vision - how it serves, and how effectively it operates." - Bari Johnson, MA

360* View

The Stanton Group draws from its cool tools of assessment to help strengthen organizational performance:

  • MissionVisionAudit
  • 360-degree readiness
  • Organizational climate
  • Personal leadership
  • Team leadership
  • Team effectiveness
  • Client satisfaction

Board Self-Assessment

Strengthen board performance by assessing the following areas among others:

  • Mission and purpose
  • CEO selection, support, and performance
  • Financial oversight and risk management
  • Resources
  • Integrity and accountability
  • Strategic planning
  • Board performance
  • Public reputation
  • Programs and services
  • Board organization
  • Board member selection and orientation
  • Board-staff relationships

"Inject energy into your organization. Gain the confidence and insight to think and act differently." - Bari Johnson, MA

Strategic Thinking

Gathering information to determine where you  are today is the baseline that will help you define where you need to be  in the future. Complete our electronic MissionVisionAudit as the  first step to understanding. Facilitated discussion sessions will then  direct your organization’s thinking toward shared purpose, common  language, and a perspective about what your future can be.

With the results of the MissionVisionAudit, a facilitator will guide discussions in the following areas: 

  • Organization’s current direction
  • How widely it’s supported
  • Where the organization is headed if it continues on its current path
  • Role of stakeholders
  • Vision boundaries
  • Critical issues
  • Major changes
  • Possibilities
  • Future development

"We'll help you discover break through ways to think differently about your mission, vision, and values." - Bari Johnson, MA