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Our approach is unique

our attitude is encouraging, collaborative, and fun.  Our experience brings insight and energy to critical issues and  problem-solving sessions, workshops, retreats, and 360-degree feedback  sessions. With proven methods and our innovative and imaginative  combination of cool tools, we will help your organization discover new  ways to improve its performance and practices.

Facilitation brings people and organizations together in  their thinking. Whether your organization is nonprofit, for profit,  philanthropic, or public sector, we’ll help you focus on the solutions  that will help you achieve both positive and practical outcomes.

Bari S Johnson

As founder of and principal facilitator for The Stanton Group, Bari’s strategies have helped organizations to  discover, grow, and meet their missions. With more than 30 years  of experience behind her, she tailors projects to provide more than  guidance to leaders and decision makers. Using her cool tools, she  inspires participants to channel new ways of thinking into ideas that  lead organizations to meaningful outcomes.

  Bari is known as an enthusiastic and thought-provoking facilitator and  speaker at state and national conferences. Her workshops focus on  thinking differently–so organizations can act with intention. Her  programs inspire participants with ideas that are provocative, can apply  to Monday morning actions, and focus on results.


“Bari has the ability to understand where an organization is, helping that organization to develop a new reality.  With excellent people skills, varied experience, confident leadership,  and patience, she can lead an organization to a successful conclusion to  the project. In the last year we’ve successfully changed our name,  board and committee structure, board governance, goals, measures, and  redefined our external and internal mission. We’ve changed our chamber  from a reactionary to a proactive organization. None of those changes  could have been accomplished without Bari’s input.”

Gordon Ritter
Former Chair of the Board
The Chamber of Commerce Grand Haven, Spring Lake, and Ferrysburg

“When looking through some of my past class materials, I ran across  two notebooks from classes instructed by Bari. My thought was that she  would tell me I could do it–and so I did do it. Thanks for the courage!”

Barbara VanGelderen, CMA ES
City of Saugatuck

“Bari was able to lead our board of directors and staff through  thought provoking exercises using her cool tools that broke down  barriers. Her leadership made it possible for the board and staff to  reach consensus on, not only our internal vision/mission statement but  also, the development of our value statement and operating principals.

Bari’s energy, insight and imaginative approach to problem solving and  her understanding of the responsibilities of leadership make her an  excellent resource to facilitate the discovery of how small to mid-sized  businesses and nonprofits can understand, assess and change their  organization’s direction. Her high-energy interactive style encourages  involvement by all participants. As an end result, the work product has  buy-in from those involved and is easily understood by those who were  not.”

Joy Gaasch
The Chamber of Commerce Grand Haven, Spring Lake, and Ferrysburg

“Bari’s ideas are most intriguing and very much in synch with where  the foundation is moving. Her work with us helped us grow, and it  brought our organization’s focus to our mission. Bari is masterful at  working with key stakeholders in our community to ascertain emerging  opportunities. Her work in this regard is integral to helping the  foundation plan community investment. Facilitation was exactly what we  needed to get us on the road to discovery and foster growth.”

Libby Cherin
Fremont Area Community Foundation


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